Selling Profiles

Before send your product to eBay site need to define rules that performed to Prestashop Product to convert it to eBay Product.
Such rules in terms of PrestaBay – PrestaShop eBay Integration module named Selling Profile.

Each Selling Profile contains information about:

  • eBay Marketplace
  • eBay Category
  • Listing type – fixed price or auction
  • Product Title
  • Product Price
  • Product QTY
  • Description
  • eBay Item Specific
  • Payment information
  • Shipping information
  • Refund description
  • Other

List of available Selling Profiles available throw menu Catalog->eBay->Selling Profiles.

For create new “Selling Profile” click on button “New Selling Profile”. Read more information on article Create New Selling Profile

Selling Profiles List