Send Product to eBay

For send product to eBay your need have created Selling List. Please read more how you can do this from our manual
Open “Selling List” from your want to send PrestaShop products to eBay. Select this product and click on action button “Send to eBay”.
In opened window your will see progress of sending item. Please don’t close this window until process not finished.

Depending from setting in your “Selling Profile” your will see “Success” of “Fail” Message.

Send PrestaShop product to eBay fail

If your receive error message usually your need to perform changes to “Selling Profile” to remove such error. Also possible that your need to change your eBay account configuration to apply some shipping, payment methods. PrestaBay module protect you from listing zero QTY listings that automatically stopped by eBay but hold insertion fee from you.

Send PrestaShop product to eBay success

After success message you can click on “View” link. After click opened new windows where you can see PrestaShop product exported to eBay.

During sending items to eBay your can receive warning message. Warning does not affect the result of sending product to eBay. Possible warning inform you that it’s not possible to apply shipping and it removed.