Manage eBay Orders

To tracking eBay Sales PrestaBay module has possibility that allow you show all eBay Orders. Such orders is downloaded only when you enable related synchronization task

All eBay Sales can be found on backend menu Catalog->eBay->Orders.
On this page you will see grid with eBay Orders information:

  • Order #– number of order into eBay
  • Presta – show tick when order is connected to PrestaShop and created on it. When you click on tick you will show order that created into PrestaShop.
  • Items – display list of items that appear to current order.
  • Total – total order price with currency code (including shipping cost and tax amount)
  • Buyer Name – name of buyer who pay for item
  • Status – status of eBay order
    • Incomplete – eBay buyer don’t complete checkout, not select payment and shipping method.
    • Awaiting Payment – eBay buyer complete checkout but still not pay for item.
    • Payment Problem – eBay buyer complete checkout and pay for item but payment not received by seller
    • Awaiting Shipment – eBay buyer complete checkout, pay for item and wait when item was shipped
    • Shipping Problem – some problem during shipment of item
    • Paid and Shipped – order is fully processed. Customer pay for item and item was shipped by seller
  • Date – Date and Time when sales was happen on eBay
eBay Orders List into PrestaBay module

If you click on view icon on the ‘Action’ row you will see detailed information about order. More information about detailed order view available on page View eBay Order