Flash Actions

PrestaBay module started from version 2.7.x and 1.8.x have the possibility of performing Flash Actions with ebay listings and PrestaShop products.

Flash Action is an action performed with multiple PrestaBay products/listings. Main benefits of Flash Actions that it’s performing ebay operation very fast. For example, send 400 products to ebay will take around 3 minutes.

To help you understand better how PrestaBay “Flash Actions” work we create a video where when try to send 400 product to ebay.

Type of Flash Actions

The module allows you perform following types of flash actions: Send Products to ebay, Full Revise ebay Listings, QTY/Price Revise ebay listings, Relist finished listing, Stop ebay listings.

How to use

You can access “Flash Actions” from 3 places in PrestaBay module.

  1. “Selling List” page. On this level choose “Flash Action” performed with selected selling lists.
  2. “Specific Selling List (Edit)”. On the level of edit “Flash Action” always performed with all products from this Selling List that match a required condition. For example, if you try to “Send to eBay All ‘Not Active’ Items” then the module will get all products that currently “In Stock” and not listed yet on ebay.
  3. “Flash Dashboard”. This allows you perform actions with ALL listings in your installation. For performing actions it’s also got only products that match criteria

Use Flash Actions in Selling List overview page

  1. Mark all Selling List witch products you want to use in Flash Action
  2. Select one of available Flash Action
  3. Wait before operation finished

Use Flash Actions in Selling List edit mode

  1. Select one of available Flash Action
  2. Wait before operation finished

Use Flash Actions in Flash Dashboard

  1. Select one of available Flash Action
  2. Wait before operation finished

Flash Dashboard

Flash Dashboard allow you quick perform actions with all your listings in PrestaBay module. Also, this menu item gives you an overview of currently created Flash Tasks together with a current state and number of items affected.
Also, you have possibility check the full list of all Flash Tasks created on your installation and check the detailed log of actions happens in selected Flash Action.

Also, you have possibility check the current state of Action on the server. The possible state is

  • Reserved — flash action is reserved for adding data
  • Pending — flash action is already full created but not yet start processed by ebay
  • Processing — flash action is start processing on ebay
  • Delayed — flash action is delayed for 60 seconds. In most cases this happens when some information not yet available and ebay ask for waiting before he provide it.
  • Done — flash actions if 100% done on ebay side and we can download response
  • Error — something goes wrong. In most cases action is canceled during creation

How Flash Actions works

When you select one of the Flash Actions in the menu, PrestaBay module will try to get all products from Selling Lists (based on the page this could be one Selling List, All Selling Lists or selected Selling Listings) that match a condition.
For example, if you select “QTY Revise all active listing” module will try to find all listings that currently available on ebay for performing Flash Actions.
As soon as the list of product defined module will start Flash Actions.

  1. Reserve a Flash job – create a new flash job in ‘Reserve’ state. Later we will add information to it
  2. Get number of Selling List that need to be processed and product inside it
  3. For each of Selling List get a number of products and collect information required to perform an action. For example for QTY/Price revise we will need to know ebay item id, product qty, and product price.
  4. After information for block of products is collected, it transferred to ebay and appended to reserved job
  5. Module continue to collect information about products and append it to the reserved job. This continued to all selected Selling List and products inside it that match a criteria.
  6. As soon all information is added to the reserved job, the module sends a command to start background operation on it.
    On this step, all active actions from your side are ended. Rest will be performed by ebay and module in automatic mode

After job started following operations happens.

  1. Ebay try to perform selected action (list, revise, end) with all information we send to him. For 400 items this usually take around 10-12 minutes.
  2. PrestaBay module with a synchronization task do a regular check for a created job. With set-up, cron job check performed every 5 minutes
  3. As soon job is done, the module tries to receive a result of the execution. As soon as result received it apply for every listing that takes action on it

Limitations and Usage Requirments

“Flash Actions” in PrestaBay module use ebay feature named “Large Merchant Services”. This service has very important limits that you need to be aware before start use it.

Performing any of “Flash Actions” required data submission to ebay. Every data submission named “Data file”.
Every ebay account have a strong daily limit of how many data files could be sent.

  • Send — 4 data files in 24 hours
  • Relist — 2 data files in 24 hours
  • Full Revise — 4 data fiels in 24 hours
  • QTY & Price Revise — 96 data fiels in 24 hours
  • End — 96 data fiels in 24 hours
Every marketplace required separate data file submission. Example, if you are using 2 ebay marketplaces for each of marketplace data file should be sent separately. So if you are using 2 marketplaces you can use “Send”
only 2 times in 24 hours. First time submit 2 data files for marketplace 1 and 2. Second time again submit 2 data files for marketplace 1 and 2

Additionally, ebay limits the size of the data file to 15 Mb. Exactly number of products in this data file depends from number information that needs to be transferred. For “Send” and “Full Revise” this could be equivalent to 1500 products. For QTY/Price revise around 10`000 of items.

“Send and “Full Revise” limitation. When you are using “Send” or “Full Revise” as Flash Actions only single photo of the product could be transferred to ebay. This is referred to normal and variation products.

QTY & Price Revise limitation. This operation allowed by ebay executed every 15 minutes. But for performing the stock update with variation products it’s required unique “SKU” for each of variation combination.

Blocked Products. When any of Flash Actions performed with PrestaBay items they are blocked before flash actions are not finished execution. In most cases, you will not possible revise/relist/list any of this items.